Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Productivity and IE in Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing

Technological Challenges for 2040

Materials and Manufacturing
Advanced design
Low cost manufacturing systems
High performance materials for heavy haul
Advanced manufacturing
Advanced materials for lightweighting
Simulation for materials and manufacturing

Monitoring and Management
Automated health monitoring for  smarter infrastructure
Automated control and operations
Advanced asset management systems
Safety threat detection, intervention
Advanced data analysis and information systems
Advanced operations  management

Power and Propulsion
Energy regeneration
Advanced braking systems
Energy use management tools
Electric motors and systems
Emissions reduction technologies
Gaseous fuels

AusRAIL 2013 Conference: Driving the Costs out of Rail


Innovative Rail Freight Wagon - 2030


Railways and Rolling Stock Engineers- Challenges Ahead
 Ashutosh Kumar Banerji
Former General Manager,  Central Railway

Rail Transport is claimed to be 4 times more energy efficient and 6.5 times more efficient in land use than road transport. Yet, it is not reflected in the Rail tariff that for most commodities and for many distant slabs is in excess of the road tariff.

A comparative evaluation of freight tariff in India and U.S.A. conducted by Mr. David Burns, a former World Bank Consultant and presented in his paper in a Seminar in Kolkata on the 14th and the 15th May 2003, brings out interesting facts. According to this paper in respect of bulk commodities such as Coal, Iron Ore, Cement, Food Grain, Fertilizers, when corrected for the purchasing power parity, freight charged in India is substantially higher than the tariff charged by the U.S. railroads.

Tariff for coal is 35 paise per NTKM in USA against 50 paise in India, which inflates to 250 paise on PPP
basis. US Railroads make money in coal transport while we are forever complaining.
Overall US Railroads have brought down the tariff from 3.5 Cents per Ntkm to 1.5 Cents per Ntkm in the last 25 years.

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