Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing

Turbine Design, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
Geomagic® is making turbine design and evaluation smarter.

Geomagic’s 3D scanning and analysis capabilities are being used to enhance the process of creating efficient, high-performing turbines for power grid applications, compression equipment and aeronautical propulsion.

Geomagic’s products combine perfectly to give engine and turbine blade designers and manufacturers the ability to rapidly model, design, check precise part positions and verify as-built structures. The advanced 3D modeling capabilities of Geomagic Studio® dovetail perfectly with the airfoil/turbine blade analysis tools offered by Geomagic Qualify®, together building higher accuracy, automation and productivity in turbine engineering and inspection. For repair and retrofit needs, Geomagic allows engineers to accurately reverse engineer aging or undocumented blade, blisk and turbine assemblies

Researchers at Iowa State University’s new Wind Energy Manufacturing Laboratory are on a mission to lower the price of wind power down to six cents per kilowatt hour by 2020, and they are taking a somewhat unusual path to get there. Instead of focusing on new wind turbine technology, the research team is working behind the scenes to bring down the cost of manufacturing turbine blades, with the goal of developing new manufacturing systems that could improve productivity by 35 percent.

Equipois's zeroG arm dramatically boosts productivity by solving common manufacturing problems caused by fatigue and exertion:

ABB robotics makes wind turbine manufacturing more efficient
2010-12-20 - ABB’s robot-based surface finishing concept for wind turbine rotor blades reduces paint shop energy consumption by up to 60 percent and paint consumption by 25 percent compared to alternative methods of applying surface coatings. Most importantly, it provides a perfectly applied layer of protection for one of the most demanding operating environments on earth.

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