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My Comments on Industrial Engineering Issues in Social Media Forums

14 May 2016

People, processes and technology - I explain it as human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering. Industrial  engineering have to improve technology/engineering processes using both technology and managerial knowledge. I feel two engineering subjects "product productivity engineering and "Engineering processes productivity engineering" have to be made important subjects in IE curriculums to bring out clearly the engineering foundation of IE. Similarly a subject discussing waste being created by managerial processes/actions in technical processes has to be studied to bring out the role of managerial actions in reducing or improving productivity.

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January 2016
Narayana Rao Kvss: Engineering knowledge is the primary requirement. Industrial engineers have to keep updating their engineering knowledge to improve the products and processes. Lean thinking is industrial engineering only with new emphasis on reduction of inventory.

27 Feb 2015
IE in Supply Chain Activities
IE is applied to technical processes, business processes, and managerial processes.

Supply or purchasing as well as distribution are more of a business processes. IE can be applied to improve them. But under the philosophy or line of thinking that assumes that suppliers are your partners and you should do every thing to improve their processes to improve the whole supply chain IE applied to mfg processes within a company can be applied in Supplier's company also. So IE of mfg also is applicable in SC activity.

I'll like to know how does Industrial Engineering integrate /connect/relate to supply chain and logistics, I understand it better from the quality and operations/production point of view

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Beatrice Khoete
Industrial Engineering Intern

 I strongly advocate that industrial engineering's main focus is productivity improvement of technical processes. The successful improvement of productivity in technical processes can be extended to the business processes and managerial processes. Industrial engineering itself is a managerial process. Industrial engineering went into a decline all over the world and lost its reputation as it lost its focus on technology and has not made any productivity improvements to any technology in the last so many years. It is only in Japan, that some companies led by Toyota at the top implemented IE in technology and became world class. But still IE profession refused to see the success of productivity improvement of tech processes and we have many other discipline people trying to push their discipline ahead under various names citing Japanese success.

Linkedin - Industrial Engineering Network
Towards the Configuration of an Industrial Engineering Education Field in Colombia from the Critical Didactics Pedagogy

Lexie Scirp
Editor at Scientific Research Publishing

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