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Mining - Productivity, Industrial Engineering and Lean Production

Increase your mining productivity by up to 20% - 2014 Information - Schneider Electric

Mining companies must have a global plan to achieve the best results across the entire supply chain.

Mining operations can no longer afford to focus on local maximization
Each work centre needs to perform and achieve individual KPIs, as well as deliver to the overall plan
Problems in one area propogate through the chain
Trains could be delayed, product could remain undelivered, ships could queue for lack of product, demurrage would increase and target shipments could be missed

Until now, miners have been held back by the lack of stadard solutions and realizable architectures.


Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution makes the most of your resources by:

Planning and scheduling to optimize the resource-to-market chain (local plans are driven by the global plan, not vice versa)
Making production, asset and process performance more reliable and more capable
Making better decisions through reliable and timely information
Reducing cost and improving environmental performance by reducing excess energy and water usage

The Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution is a powerful solution that utilizes StruxureWare software for Mining, Minerals and Metals to reach operational excellence.

Value Proposition
Mine planning: optimize mine planning considering both mining and processing constraints
Mine operations: ensure operations plans are coordinated with shipping and mining plans. Identify and correct performance issues before they have impact
Plant operations: optimize throughout quality and recovery, whilst minimizing energy consumption
Stockpile blending: optimize blending opportunities to maximize profit and customer service through real-time, reliable inventory data
Rail logistic: eliminate rail penalties and optimize throughput through the rail network
Port stockpile: ensure materials handling is as efficient as possible, maximizing opportunities for direct train-to-ship loading
Port logistics: minimize demurrage penalties and maximize port throughput
Customers: opportunity to extend the supply chain to unloading ports and end customers to truly optimize from mine to blast furnace

USA Coal Mine Productivity - 1949 - 2011

Short tons per employee hour
                                                            1949             2011

Underground                                          0.68             2.76

Surface                                                   1.92             8.86

Productivity Trends in the Coal Mining Industry in Canada
CSLS Research Report 2004-07
October, 2004

Productivity Change in U.S.Coal Mining
Joel Darmstadter with the assistance of Brian Kropp
Discussion Paper 97-40, July 1997

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