Saturday, January 30, 2016

January 3rd Week - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

Every year the revision exercise starts in the third week of January

Father of Industrial Engineering

Frederick Taylor

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January 3rd Week  18th to 22rd 2015

Development of Management Subject. Theory of Management developed over a long a period of time with periodic quantum jumps in thinking.
Scientific Management/Shop Management - F.W. Taylor Introduction

Industrial Management and General Management - Henri Fayol
Importance of Human Relations in Management - Elton Mayo and Rothelisberger (Insights from Psychology)

Organization as a Social Group (Insights of Sociologists)
Mathematical Models and Their Optimization

Control of Variation in Inputs and Outputs (Insights from Statistics)
Systems Approach in Management

Business Conceptualization (Insights from Economics, Engineering Economics, Managerial Economics, Industrial Economics)
Peter Drucker - Business Organization - Economic Function - Social Responsibility

January 4th week Revision Plan

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