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Efficiency: A Focus Area of Industrial Engineering - Jesse Brogan


Industrial Engineering education has been captive to production since its origin in the first few decades of the 20th century.  To expand, and still remain industrial engineering, any new focus must not really be new, but continue the unique expertise that defines the field.  The one word that can encapsulate this central focus is “efficiency.”


Traditional industrial engineering is based on efficiency in performing production work.  Management engineering is the complementary study of efficiency in management and internal support.  The benefits of management engineering are additive to the benefits of traditional industrial engineering.


The big benefit comes from this expansion into direct support for senior management.  That is where the money is.  That is where the prestige is; and management is what must support the graduate in applying the engineering skills and abilities that are developed in an industrial engineering program.


This expansion is also where industrial engineering can make the greatest impact.  Modern management is neither efficient, nor is it able to measure how efficient it might be.  The answers, and the actions, lie within basic industrial engineering.
Management engineering is the application of basic efficiency engineering to the work of gaining performance through a subordinate organization.
Techniques of Management Engineering is the first college textbook on this subject.  It is suitable for BSIE and MBA programs. 

A preliminary structure for the course of study, along with a summary of materials and coverage by class session is also available.


BSIE Instructor’s Resource 


Business Instructor’s Resource


The Senior Manager’s Toolbox is a secondary work on this subject (a less expensive alternative), suitable for either direct reading or for remedial training of working managers in management-engineering disciplines.  There is even a 10% read-ahead for this work that can be downloaded into adobe reader, and a copy saved to your local computer.
To receive your instructor’s evaluation copy of either of these works, provide your school representative’s name and mailing address.  For the textbook, specify whether this is for an industrial engineering or management curriculum.  Provide this information by email to or
Organizational Efficiency Engineering is the extensive handout from the 2002 presentation of this subject at a joint meeting of the DC and Baltimore IIE Chapters. The link opens this item for reading or saving.
The Principles of Scientific Management is the text of the Frederick Taylor work that effectively started Industrial Engineering. It is a part of the history that has been neglected far too long. The link opens this work for either reading or copying.

Shop Management is a book by Frederick W. Taylor that addresses many of his theories and approaches to shop management. Some of the advances made in his later works are addressed here as well. This work is beyond copyright.
Optimizing Operations Research – a textbook concept that is an opportunity for efficiency engineering
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