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What is Industrial Engineering?

10 Feb 2010

What is industrial engineering?

Industrial Engineering is Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineering.
Human effort engineering is designing human effort required in production of goods and services as well as in distributing them. In human effort engineering the human factor is to be integrated with machines and materials involved in producing goods and services. The human effort has to be productive, comfortable, safe and healthy for the operator and the organization.
System efficiency engineering is evaluating the production, distribution and administrative systems for efficiency and improving them where needed. System levels studies deal with integration of resources as well as with utilization of single resource.

Are There any Alternative Explanations?

The Pennsylvania State University's (Penn State) Harold and Inge Marcus Department of
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering explains the same question this way
What is industrial engineering?
To design systems or make systems more productive and efficient, industrial engineers develop ways of integrating...

There are roughly four main areas of industrial engineering:
Human Factors (ergonomics, human-machine interface)
Operations Research
Statistics and Quality
"Industrial engineers design systems" may not be a correct explanation of the subject area of industrial engineering. Functional specialists are there in various areas like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering etc. It is such specialists who design the basic systems. Industrial engineers can not have knowledge in these diverse areas to design systems. But, industrial engineers can evaluate these diverse systems for specific dimensions and human effort and efficiency are the two dimensions with which industrial engineers are concerned.
The resources which are to be examined are specified as people, machines, materials, energy and information. In these resources, utilization of people from effort design point of view is totally the specialty of industrial engineers.
The Penn State IME's explanation of four main areas is also not appropriate. Functionally the discipline can be explained as consisting of
Human Effort Engineering
System Efficiency Engineering
Systems Design, Installation and Improvement Management
Operations research a subject used in improving system efficiency. Statistical quality control is method which will improve the efficiency of quality department. Industrial engineering is applicable in agriculture and animal breeding sector, manufacturing sector and service sector. It is applicable in all departments of an organization.


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