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Engineering Economy and the Decision-Making Process - Joseph C. Hartman

Book Information and Review
This text presents engineering economy in the context of a decision-making framework such that the student understands the necessary tools and their application. It begins with an introduction to the basics of engineering economy (interest, time-value-of-money, and equivalence), then explores the entire decision-making process, from defining the problem through post-implementation analysis, just as one would when building a case for management in order to make a capital investment decision.






I    Principles of Engineering Economy


1 Engineering Economy and the Decision-Making Process

2 Cash Flows and the Time Value of Money

3 Interest Formulas

4 Economic Equivalence


II   Decision-Making Preliminaries


5 Problem or Opportunity Definition

6 Generation and Design of Feasible Solution Alternatives

7 Developing Cash Flows and Gathering Information

8 Developing After-Tax Cash Flows


III  Making the Decision for a Single Project


9 Deterministic Evaluation

10 Considering Risk

11 Considering Non-Economic Factors and Multi-attributes


IV  Making the Decision for Multiple Projects


12 Deterministic Evaluation

13 Considering Options in Time

14 Multi-Criteria Evaluation


V   Post Implementation Analysis


15 Post Implementation and Evaluation

16 Abandonment and Replacement Analysis


VI  Appendix


Publisher: Prentice Hall
Copyright: 2007
Format: Cloth; 752 pp
Published: 08/14/2006

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