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Human Effort Support Devices - Productivity, Comfort and Safety Devices


Ergonomic Violin

Violinist and Industrial Designer Tricia Ho designed the ergonomic violin as her design assignment in the final year at the bachelor of industrial design degree at Australia's University of New South Wales in Sydney in the year 2006. The prototype instrument has received a German Design award. The design eliminates the need for the player to grip the instrument under the chin while playing. This will eliminate the problem of violen playing related musculoskeletal disorders in necks and shoulders of violinists. Ho said the ergonomic violin will make playing violin more comfortable.
(Source: Reported in Industrila Engineering, May 2006, p.14 under the title "Intellgient design meets string theory: Ergonomic Violin takes the strain out of making music".


Coconut / Palm Tree Climbing Device

The Innovator has developed a simple, safe, easy to use device for any season and by any person, cutting down the climbing time to 1-2 minutes for a 40 m tree as against 4-5 minutes as conversationally required. An Indian patent no. (194566) has been granted to this innovation.  His long customer list includes clients from North and South America and South Asian a coastal countries. His unit has been registered in the name of St. Mary Industrial Complex and Research Center.

Application: As a climbing device for trees belonging to ‘arecacea’ family such as coconut, areca-nut and palm, for fruit harvesting, spraying pesticides and conducting experiments
Alternate application: As a climbing device for electric post

Innovator Name:
Mr. M J Joseph alias Appachan

Technical details
Material of Construction: MS steel, steel rope wire (steel wires of 19 strings – as a rope) and rubber pad.

Weight: 5 kgs

Input: Muscular power.

Output: The user can climb 40m in 1-2 minutes.


Tree Pole Climber

Mustaq Ahmad Dar has developed a walnut tree climber. The contraption won President's award for grassroot innovations 2009. University Instrumentation Centre (USIC) of Kashmir University helped Dar in improving his invention. Indian Innovatix Ltd. Ahmedabad is going to commercialise the innovation. The pole climber will be used by electricity boards in the country.

I felt very happy as I read the news item in Mumbai Mirror. I am explaining difference between doing postgraduation in electrical engineering disciplines and industrial engineering with this example. Electrical engineer who comes to industrial engineering is more focused on the human work carried out in electrical engineering activities. How to improve this human work in terms of productivity, comfort and safety is a focus area for industrial engineers. Climbing electrical poles is a routine activity in electrical engineering that all of use see.

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