Sunday, September 29, 2013

Assignments - Industrial Engineering - Section B Students - NITIE - PGDIE 42 - 2013-14

1. Learning Curve and Productivity Improvement Through Employee Participation.

2. Supply Chain Cost Reduction through Industrial Engineering Tools

3. Industrial Engineering Support for Materials Management.

Business/Managerial/Administrative Process Efficiency Improvement (Special Focus on IT Hard and Software)

1. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Manufacturing Planning and Control Processes.
2. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Marketing Processes
3. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Financial Accounting Processes
4. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Cost Accounting Processes
5. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Materials Management Processes
6. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Distribution and Logistics Processes
7. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Human Resource Management Processes
8. Business Process Efficiency Improvement in Product Design Processes

* Design for Manufacture and Assembly and Cost Reduction(Ch 13.2 in Maynard)

* World-Class Manufacturing--An Industrial Engineering View (Ch 13.7 in Maynard)

Lean Enterprise

1. Lean Supply Chain Management
2. Lean Manufacturing
3. Lean Materials and Components Supply Systems
4. Lean Retailing and Distribution Systems
5. Lean New Product Development
6. Lean Marketing
7. Lean Warehousing
8. Lean Maintenance
9. Lean Construction
10. Lean Office

New Technologies

1. New Technology and Equipment -  Machine Tools
2. New Technology and Equipment - Construction Machinery
3. New Technology and Equipment – Chemical Engineering
4. New Technology and Equipment – Electrical Engineering
5. New Technology and Equipment – Biotechnology
6. New Technology and Equipment – Electronics Devices and Computer Components
7. New Technology and Equipment -  Robots
8. New Business Software
9. New Technology and Equipment – Transport Facilities
10. New Technology and Equipment – Information Technology

Technology Efficiency Engineering

Industrial Engineering in Ship Building
Industrial Engineering in Bicycle Industry
Industrial Engineering in House Construction
Industrial Engineering in Electricity Companies
Industrial Engineering in Irrigation Projects
Industrial Engineering in Railways
Industrial Engineering in Road Transport Organizations
Industrial Engineering in Pharmaceuticals
Industrial Engineering in Biscuits
Industrial Engineering in Chocolate Industry
Industrial Engineering in Textile spinning companies
Industrial Engineering in Tyre Companies
Industrial Engineering in Watch Making
Industrial Engineering in Jewellery Industry
Industrial Engineering in Computer Manufacture
Industrial Engineering in Mobile Manufacture
Industrial Engineering in Electric Motors/Generators
Industrial Engineering in Electronics Component and Equipment Manufacture
Industrial Engineering in TV Manufacturing
Industrial Engineering in Biotech Companies
Industrial Engineering in Nnanotech Companies

 Operations Research Models

OR Models in Manufacturing
OR Models in Marketing
OR Models in Materials Management
OR Models in Distribution and Logistics
OR Models in Supply Chain Design
Optimization of Databases
OR Models in IT Systems
OR Models in Electricity Generation and Distribution Systems

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