Saturday, December 15, 2012

$2 Trillion Waste In IT Systems? What are we doing?

The IT Revolution estimates that currently 20% of IT spend of $10 trillion can be the waste. This figure comes to $2 trillion. What are we doing?

Already IT spend analysis is a board room issue.

Leading consultants like Accenture are coming out with reports on IT cost control.

Productivity improvement and cost/waste reduction were taken up for investigation and advocacy by authors like Popendiecks.

Industrial engineers are into action. IIE has a blog IE in IT.

Collection of Articles/Reports dealing with IT Cost Reduction

    Boards Look for Efficiency With IT - November 2011
    IT Cost Reduction Initiatives:
    Cost Reduction in Imaging and Output infrastructure
    IT Cost Reduction - Accenture insights  - 2012
    Collection of articles on each opportunity mentioned in the Accenture article
    Information Technology Systems Cost Reduction

    Reducing the waste in the testing cycle
    Federal Marketplace for Data Center Capacity - Webinar Video

    Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation
    Google book

    Lean Software Development and IT Enabled Services - Collection of Books and Articles - NRao

Incorporating Deming, Goldratta Ideas in Computer Science - A Presentation
YouTube Video


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