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Industry 4.0 - IIoT - Productivity Management

Productivity Management and Improvement Management - Management of IE Projects, Studies, and Department

Total Productivity Management  - Suito Kiyoshi

Strategic  Total Productivity Optimization

Total Cost Industrial Engineering

Determinants of Productivity - Syverson - 2011

Don't be in a hurry - Productivity Improvement Requires Time - F.W. Taylor

Empowerment and Productivity

Productivity Management - Management Function-Wise Explanation

Productivity Management - Books and Articles

Productivity Management - Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has tremendous potential for productivity improvement in the world. The quantum is in trillions as per estimates and forecasts. This industrial revolution offers potential for totally new products. But its potential in redesign and existing products and production systems producing them itself has great potential. Hence engineers working in new products and processes area and engineers working in productivity area have ample work and challenge. But the management is required to make the technology appear in the organizations and work successfully.

The guidelines for management at various levels for effective implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies were released by number of organizations and more reports and research studies will appear.

Planning for Productivity Management - Industry 4.0

Planning for Digital Transformation

How to structure an effective digital transformation plan
 By Expert commentator 14 Dec, 2017

Creating a Digital Transformation plan
 By Annmarie Hanlon 18 Aug, 2016

Benchmarking your digital marketing capability
 By Dave Chaffey 22 Oct, 2015

Leading Digital Transformation Is Like Urban Planning
Paul Beswick
HBR, AUGUST 02, 2017

Digital Transformation Blueprint
The Dawn of the Digital Industrial - GE Consultancy Service

Creating a Digital Transformation Plan of Action: A Guide for Leaders
9 Key Initiatives
March 10, 2015


Organizing for Digital Transformation

Organizing for a Digital Future

OCTOBER 18, 2017
By Gabrielle Novacek , Rashi Agarwal , Sonya Hoo , Steve Maaseide , Benjamin Rehberg , and Liza Stutts

Enterprise IT architecture planning
Why Digital Transformation Requires Robust IT Planning
By Aliah D. Wright
Sep 27, 2017



How to Gain and Develop Digital Talent and Skills

The New New Way of Working Series
JULY 19, 2017
By Rainer Strack , Susanne Dyrchs , Ádám Kotsis , and Stéphanie Mingardon

Diffusion of productivity practices is an issue in productivity management.
June 2016

Introduction of Industry  4.0 Guidelines and Guidebooks

Guideline Industrie 4.0
Guiding principles for the implementation of Industrie 4.0 in small and medium sized businesses
VDMA, Germany

National IoT Roadmaps and Strategies

National Internet of Things (IoT): Strategic Roadmap: A Summary
MIMOS Berhard, Malaysia Report, 2015

Internet of Things: Seizing Opportunities and Addressing the Challenges
OECD, May 2016

Adopting Industry 4.0,  IIoT - Principles, Frameworks -Bibliography

March 23, 2017 / Autumn 2017 / Issue 88
10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution

Six Principles for Becoming a Digital Industrial

A Strategist’s Guide to Industry 4.0
May 9, 2016 / Summer 2016 / Issue 83

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