Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Iron and Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturing

Hot cracking — cracks that occur immediately upon completion of the weld — are the biggest potential threat when welding austenitic stainless steel tube and pipe. This material is particularly susceptible to this defect due to its rather large grain structure.
Having the right filler metal (and controlling heat input and post-weld cooling) can help prevent cracking, as well as minimize the risk of losing corrosion resistance during the welding process.


Performance: Iron and Steel Pipes and Tubes Manufacturing from Purchased Steel (NAICS 33121) - Canada

Mill Cost Model - Steel Tubing

Conversion costs for a typical welded tube plant

Welding Stainless Steel Tube and Pipe: Maintaining Corrosion Resistance and Increasing Productivity

Manufacturing Processes and Products
of Steel Pipes and Tubes in JFE Steel†

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