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Manufacturing Process Improvement - Bibliography


Journal of Manufacturing Processes pub by Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Business Process Management Journal

New Horizons in Standardized Work: Techniques for Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement (Paperback)
By Timothy D. Martin, By  Jeffrey T. Bell
Publisher: Productivity PressPublished: 25 January 2011
Enabling management to verify that processes are being performed correctly and in an efficient manner, standardized work provides limitless opportunities for process improvements. So much so, that it has become a vital component of improvement efforts in Lean enterprise systems. New Horizons in Standardized Work: Techniques for Manufacturing and Business Process Improvement is an all-inclusive guide to applying standardized work principles to virtually any business in any industry. It facilitates a fundamental understanding of standardized work principles and the logic behind their development, so readers can successfully extend and adapt them to their own work situation. It also: Supplies an accessible introduction to standardized work, from a cyclic perspective Explains how to instill and maintain quality in work processes right from the get go Provides the foundational basis required to apply standardized work concepts to a wide range of work situations Includes several appendices with helpful tips and problem-solving tools In a step-by-step format, this book discusses the relationship of the work period and the takt time, as well as the importance of the three main worker interface levels in job design. It includes an array of examples that demonstrate how the concepts discussed can be applied across a range of industries-including health care, construction, business processes, and food services.

"A systematic approach to evaluate the process improvement in lean manufacturing organizations"
Amin, Md. Al & Karim, M. Azharul (2011) A systematic approach to evaluate the process improvement in lean manufacturing organizations. In Sustainable manufacturing: Shaping global value creation: Proceedings of the The 9th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Springer, LENEXPO Exhibition Center, St. Petersburg, pp. 65-70.

Achieve Lasting Process Improvement
Bennet Lientz, Kathryn Rea
Routledge, 10-Jun-2002 - Business & Economics - 281 pages
Methods of improving business processes are developed on an ongoing basis, but few are successful. Common problems encountered include the failure of processes to meet expectations and the inability to sustain or replicate these business processes. Involvement of personnel at grassroots level, as well as at management level, is essential in implementing effective process improvement methods.

The authors present a step-by-step approach to the issue of effective process improvement, offering more than 200 tips and guidelines as well as addressing specific common problems and issues. The strategy presented is to take a broad and intuitive, but learned view of process improvement methods, and the tactics expounded are based on guidelines, common faults, and lessons learned. The authors disparage process improvement operations that depend on jargon and the support of just upper management, and promote grassroots involvement and self-sustaining measurement, making this an essential guide for all with involvement in process improvement
Google Book Link with Preview facility

A review of improvement methods in manufacturing operations by Thomas Gru¨nberg
(Interesting fishbone diagram on improvement methods)

Global Pioneers of Process Improvement!-Managers-Global-Pioneers-of-process-improvemen-30182410.html

Some More Pioneers of Process Improvement!-Managers-Some-(more)-Process-improvement-pione-30184347.html

Solagen: Process Improvement in the Manufacture of Gelatin, Teaching Note
Kim, Renee; Yoffie, David B.
CASE ; HBS-692060-E
Taiwan-based HTC Corp. had emerged as the world's fourth largest smartphone manufacturer by 2009. CEO Peter Chou was extremely proud of the remarkable achievements his company had made over the last 12 years since starting off as an unknown manufacturer of PDAs for other companies. Yet Chou faced several decisions in order to move his company forward. Competition for high-end, sophisticated mobile devices was intensifying as HTC faced big name players such as Nokia, Apple, and Samsung Electronics. Many companies were offering their own application stores. What did HTC have to do to become a more powerful global brand? Where should HTC participate in the value chain in one of the most exciting, innovative product categories in the technology world?
Publication date: 24 Jun 2009

Manufacturing Process Improvement

Data Mining for Improving Manufacturing Processes
Lior Rokach (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)
Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining, Second Edition, 2008

Case Studies of Manufacturing Process Improment in SMEs in USA

Machine tool optimization services

Manufacturing Process Management - Brochure of PTC

Process Analysis and Reengineering
Armen Zakarian and Andrew Kusiak
Computers and Industrial Engineering (2001) 41, 135-150

Reengineering of design and manufacturing processes
Andrew Kusiak, T. Nick Larson, Juite (Ray) Wang
Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Department of Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52242-1527, U.S.A.
Computers & Industrial Engineering
Volume 26, Issue 3, July 1994, Pages 521–536

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
May 1991, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 205-215
Development of a product manufacturing analysis and costing system
A. J. Allen, M. S. Bielby, K. G. Swift

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