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Supply Chain Efficiency - Supply Chain Waste Elimination - Lean Supply Chain

Supply Chain Efficiency - Supply Chain Waste Elimination -

Supply Chain Efficiency - Concept and Measures

Exploring Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Supply Chain - Conceptual Analysis

Measurement of Efficiency in a Supply Chain'
Doctoral Thesis

Supply Chain Responsiveness and Efficiency – Complementing or Contradicting Each Other?

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency - DEA Approach
Indian Pharma Industry - 2012 paper

Ilsuk Kim, Hokey Min, (2011) "Measuring supply chain efficiency from a green perspective", Management Research Review, Vol. 34 Iss: 11, pp.1169 - 1189

Measuring Supply Chain Efficiency and Congestion - DEA approach - Shipping

How SCOR Model Enhances Global Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness

An Approach towards Overall Supply Chain Efficiency - MS Thesis 2002

Lean Supply Chain

Lean supply chain. The aim is to reduce the total cost of the supply chain-removing waste and creating the most value for the customer.

Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

Combining Lean and Agile Supply Chain - 2011 Paper

Supply Chain Cost Reduction - Book by Amacom

Lean Supply Chain - Concept, Development and Design

Lean Thinking for the Supply Chain

Seven Steps to Building a Lean Supply Chain
Mandyam M. Srinivasan
Mandyam M. Srinivasan is The Ball Corporation Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Tennessee. He is the author of the book, Streamlined: 14 Principles for Building and Managing the Lean Supply Chain.

From Lean Manufacturing to Lean Supply Chain: A Foundation for Change
2004 Paper by Lawson, USA$FILE/Lawson_Whitepaper_2_A4_LowRes.pdf

Understanding the Lean Supply Chain - Beginning the Journey
2005 Report on Lean Practices in  Supply Chain
APICS - ORACLE - Georgia Southern University

Lean practices in the supply Chain - 2008 Survey
Jones Long LaSalle Report - with participation of APICS, Georgia Tech, and Supply Chain Visions

Lean in Supply Chain Planning  - 2011 Report
Cap Gemini

Lean Supply Chain Road Map - Book Chapter - McGraw-Hill - 2011

YouTube Videos

Webinars by Georgia Tech

Becoming a Lean Supply Chain Professional - Episode 1


Becoming a Lean Supply Chain Professional - Episode 2



Analytics and Risk Management for Supply Chain Efficiency

From Supply to Demand Chain Management: Efficiency and Customer Satisifaction
2002 - JOM article



Supply Chain Efficiency - Company News and Reports

Unilever supply chain efficiency, 2009

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