Thursday, February 20, 2014

Productivity and IE in Dies , Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing


Stamping dies

Nothing captures the essence of car manufacturing as much as a stamping die. That each and every one of your dies represents a huge investment in time, money and know-how is easy to understand. Just as easy as your need to shorten lead-times and reduce production costs, especially with new model life-cycles getting shorter and shorter.

Making a stamping die requires considerable metal-working skills – straightforward machining as well as advanced cutting in cast-iron, nodular cast-iron, steel and hardened tool steels.

stamping die-making productivity

We can make it into profit as soon as possible. even better…
Let our cutting tool solutions plus application know-how boost your stamping die-making productivity
and cut lead-times

Digital modelling for stamping

01 January 2008 | Nick Holt
Virtual die technology embraced in the past decade has grown by quantum leaps, and those who embraced the technology in the early stages of its development are starting to realise superiority in competitiveness, productivity and profit margins.

Stamping dies are a substantial investment for automotive manufacturing, costing in the range of $80 million to $100 million per vehicle programme. Unlike powertrain and transmissions which remain relatively unchanged over long periods, stamped parts are continuously evolving for styling. Design standards change to meet stringent targets in performance criteria for fuel economy, weight reduction and safety, while also adapting to the latest materials and production methods.

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