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Productivity Science - Principle of Industrial Engineering


Develop a science for each element of a man - machine system's work related to efficiency and productivity.

The productivity science developed is the foundation for industrial engineering in productivity engineering and productivity management phases.

1-Productivity Science


Principles of Industrial Engineering - Narayana Rao - Presentation at 2017 IISE Annual Conference - Pittsburgh, USA

23 May 2017



Principles of Industrial Engineering - Narayana Rao - Detailed List

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The full paper on the principles by Prof. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao is now available for downloading from IISE 2017 Annual Conference site in prepublished format.

Readings on the topic of Productivity Science

From Taylor's First Paper Publication to 1950

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Development of Science for Working of Man - Motions

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The definition of the word science is knowledge duly arranged and systematized.
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Oxford Dictionary - Organized body of knowledge that has been accumulated on a subject

Modern Period - 1951 onwards

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The New Science of Sales Force Productivity
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The International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management aims to address new developments in productivity science, performance measurement and management and to improve individual, group and organizational performance.
IJPPM is the official journal of the World Confederation of Productivity Science

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