Tuesday, June 28, 2016

July First Week - Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision

Scientific Management of Taylor

Taylor's book is a must reading for industrial engineers. The book emphasizes the development of scientific laws relating to use of machines, tools, related resources and men. This is development of science. Once science is developed, industrial engineers use that science to develop productive machines, productivity improvement devices and methods and that improve productivity.  Taylor also examines some management methods that are sources for low productivity. He suggests management methods that improve productivity. Then Taylor, discusses issues relating to implementing productivity improvement methods. Industrial engineers have no other comparable book on philosophy in their discipline. Hence it has to be read and reread till a new book is authored by a modern day Taylor by incorporating all that has happened in the discipline over the last 100 to 120 years.

First Week

1 July

1. Importance of National Efficiency

2. Foundation of Scientific Management

2 July 

3. Soldiering and Its Causes

4. Underlying Philosophy for the Old Systems of Management

3 July

5. Scientific Management - Introduction


4 July

7. Illustrations of Success of Scientific Management - - Pig Iron Handling

8. Background for Development of Scientific Management - -Midvale Steel Company Machine Shop

5 July

9. Elaborate Planning Organization - Need and Utility

10. Illustrations of Success of Scientific Management - Bricklaying Improvement by Gilbreth

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One Year Industrial Engineering Knowledge Revision Plan

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