Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Productivity Engineering - Definition, Explanation and Areas

Productivity Engineering Explained

Productivity Engineering: Redesigning engineering and engineering related products and processes using engineering and engineering related knowledge relevant to improving the productivity.

Productivity science provides input to carry out productivity engineering. It means productivity science provides the opportunity to invent and patent new product features and process components that will improve productivity. Inventions are not always preceded by science. Many times inventors came out with engineering devices even when there is no science supporting it. Air conditioning is one example where invention came first and then science was developed that helped in designing air conditioners to fit various needs.

Areas of Productivity Engineering

Productivity Software Engineering
Redesigning products or processes by including software solutions, or developing software solutions to improve productivity in any activity or process

Productivity VR Engineering: Redesigning products and processes using VR to improve productivity.

Productivity Automation Engineering
Redesigning products or processes by incorporating automation to improve productivity.

Productivity IoT Engineering
Using IoT technology and systems to improve productivity of engineering and engineering related products and processes.


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